Register and get a member number for only R250.00 
            (2019 yearly membership fee only R500.00) 
  • Use your member number to get discount on caravans & other goods ordered from our member merchants.
  • Use your member number when booking accommodation at member resorts countrywide to get either a percentage discount, or one day’s accommodation free with our “First Night Free” vouchers. See list “Our Resorts” (from menu)
  • Get access to our free listing & booking service at “Travel Campuses” and other full-timer support services. Full-timers can follow us on and list there for FreePark.

Email to apply for membership.


Register your resort with camping facilities for R400.00 once-off.
(2019 yearly service fee only R600.00)
  • Choose from three “First Night Free” vouchers accepted from members by your resort.
  • Choose percentage discount (if any) allowed to members.
  • Choose which site we should link to your free advert.
  • Choose a recipient for your free R250 gift voucher.

Your resort / campsite will be listed on our website showing which “First Night Free” voucher will be accepted from members and/or percentage discount allowed to members when booking accommodation at your resort. Members book & pay direct, no commission claims from Campmore4less.

Email to apply.


Register your business for only R400.00 once-off.
 (2019 yearly service fee only R600.00)
  • Choose what percentage discount you will allow members.
  • Choose either your website or f/b page to be linked to your free advert.
  • Choose two recipients for your two free R250 gift vouchers.

Your business will be listed showing the discount. Your free advert will stay there for 12 months and may be updated monthly. Members order & pay direct, no commission to Campmore4less.

Email to apply.

One thought on “Facilitating discounted goods and accommodation for members

  1. Answered by email in Afrikaans but for other visitors sake – All member fees, also for member-resorts and member-merchants are on the website, just read through it using a computer, not smartphone or you will miss some items on the menu. Please visit our f/b page and like the page to read through Our Story.

  2. Hi
    Hoe maak ek om my besigheid Thota Lodge by julle te registreer? Wat is die koste verbonde daaraan? Waar adverteer julle orals?

  3. Hi Magda, kyk by Our Resorts (vanaf menu) om ongeveer 50 lid-oorde te sien waar lede afslag kry op alle verblyf, nie net kampering. Hulle is gelys per provinsie en as jy langs hul naam kliek gaan jy deur na hul eie webwerf van waar jy kan bespreek. Verskaf jou lid nommer vir afslag.
    Epos vir bank besonderhede indien jy as lid wil aansluit.

  4. Hi Melvin,
    Both Friend Retreats and Travel Campuses are owned & managed by individual owners so some will and some won’t allow pets. All our services are for the use of members only and once you are a registered member you will have access to all information needed to make your choices. Please see “Full-timer’s Support” (from menu) on this website.

  5. I read about your Friend Retreats in the Platteland magazine. We would love to hear more about the concept.
    Are dogs allowed? As pensioners we love to see the country but are finding that it is becoming too expensive.
    Many thanks.

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