To celebrate the start of our fourth year a facebook group for the sole use of our full-timer members was created. Here registered & paid-up members will be introduced to the many services we provide to full-timers like First Day Free vouchers; Travel Campuses with Rainbow’s end. Members are able to post and discuss new ideas and organise & contribute to future projects. Non Campmore4less members can only read the description of the group before joining on this website.

During 2019 Campmore4less will initiate the launch of a non-profit fund to facilitate the support of full-timers still travelling and those who cannot travel anymore due to ill health etc but need to reside on wheels. The fund will initially be funded from two thirds of member’s yearly fees so all members will contribute to this cause. The non-profit fund is to be managed by a team of Campmore4less members and only members may benefit from funds.

Reis-kampusse (Travel-campuses)

Campmore4less lede wat permanent deur die land wil reis met hul woonwa het nou die opsie om eienaarskap te verkry van ‘n Reis-kampus staanplek en dan gebruik te maak van alle ander Reis-kampus staanplekke waar hulle heeltemal gratis kan staan vir solank nodig. Prys begin by R100,000 wat privaat ablusie vir twee staanplekke op een erf van 300 tot 500 m insluit, prys afhangende van area gelee.

Ons lys tans belangstellende (opbetaalde) lede as eienaars vir Reis Kampus staanplekke, en ook as opsigters by Rainbow’s end. Gelyste persone sal in kennis gestel word volgens rang orde (# op lys) wanneer staanplekke beskikbaar word, of opsigter posisie beskikbaar word, 1ste op lys het dus 1ste keuse om te koop / posisie te aanvaar. Dit is gratis om jou naam op ‘n dorpslys te plaas.

Rainbow’s end.

Campmore4less members that have travelled full-time and are now looking for a place to retire in their caravan will be welcome to use Rainbow’s end as their last address where you will be one of 16 resident caretakers, each looking after one campus site. You will have your own private ablution on a private stand next to the owner’s stand and will not pay any rent.

You deserve it !
The concept of travel campuses was developed by Campmore4less for it’s full-timer members. It provides free parking for up to 3 months at a time at any campus site countrywide, making touring South Africa with a motorhome or caravan more affordable to Campmore4less members.
The concept is very simplistic. Each member owns a site but do not use it exclusively. The site is bought as an investment and to gain access to freepark at any of the 1,600 campus sites whilst touring through S.A.
Each of the +- 100 travel campuses have 16 (camp) sites, each with two private ablution blocks. One is for the use of the touring visitor, the other for the site caretaker.
Members decide where in South Africa they want to own a site and list their name for that town. Once a town-list contains 16 names the potential owners are notified and introduced to each other. They form a co-operative and together decide on which property and at what price to buy, select an architect, builder, lawyer etc. Each of the 16 owners will have an equal part of the development and will be able to sell his part with the consent of the other 15 co-op members.
Each of the +- 100 travel campuses countrywide get registered as a primary co-operative by it’s 16 member/owners. Once there are more than one campus in a province a secondary co-operative is formed by representatives of the primary co-ops to look after the interests of members in that province. A Tertiary co-operative will be formed when all nine provinces have established secondary co-ops. The T.C. (tertiary co-op) will advocate and engage organs of state, the private sector and stakeholders on behalf of all it’s member/owners.
Travel Campuses not only provide free parking all year to each owner of a site but affords every owner the opportunity to provide free parking to a less privileged pensioner whom they choose to take care of their Travel-campus site in a “Pay It Forward” charity drive.

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    1. Hi June, I sent you an email with registration details included. Please contact me again if you do not receive it otherwise reply so I know you did. Thanks for your interest in Travel Campuses, a service by Campmore4less member association.

    1. Hi Fanie, dankie vir jou belangstelling in Reis Kampusse, ‘n lede diens aangebied deur Campmore4less. Ek het so pas jou navraag per epos beantwoord, bevestig asseblief ontvangs daarvan.

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