Our vouchers are only available to members and may be ordered by email from members@campmore4less.co.za The resort advert will inform you which one of the following three vouchers will be accepted at the resort.

The virtual voucher will be emailed to the resort with the member’s name and number printed on them.

Available as gifts to resorts and merchants on joining.


Discounted employee-vouchers are bought in bulk quantities >25; >100; >1,000 vouchers.


One thought on “Our Vouchers

  1. Hey there…I am looking for similar info to Eddie’s request could you pop me an email pretty please. Keen on getting as much info regarding pensioners and full timing as I possible
    Thanks bunch

  2. Is there a website without adverts where I can find out more about the pensioners for pensioners friend retreats and how I can join as a friend retreat. All I can find out now on your website is that I must pay R 150 to join. First find out how it works. Regards

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